Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dear Jane VII

Yes, Jane and I had some time together yesterday.

As always less is more:


Jane knew that, she didn’t quilt her blocks to death.

Look at these hearts popping:


Don’t worry that’s just basting passing through the top of the hearts.

In all its lovely yellow ginghamness this Le Moyne star is probably my favourite block so far. It kinda just snuck up on me and turned out so pretty


Sweet Peas gather at our house tomorrow. I wonder if they will notice a change in our lounge?


Brother Alan is visiting, he has installed  a new quilt rail for us. (That lumpy bumpy bit at the bottom of the picture is our super large squishy cushion sofa.)

Hope to bring you news of Sweet Peas tomorrow.


PS I never get tired of looking at Urban Pods.Smile

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  1. How I envy the Sweet Peas: they get to see Dear Jane in person.


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