Friday, August 31, 2012

All the comforts of home

Recently our sister Barbara who lives in our Mum’s old home in Tauranga announced she would be completely redecorating the house. All flooring was to be replaced. I asked her if we could have the carpet out of the lounge for our Studio (aka Garage).

On Tuesday we travelled over to Tauranga to pick up the carpet. We found that we had scored not only the carpet but lovely spongy underlay too. It was a challenge to get it all in the car.

Thursday we pulled the carpet out onto the cobblestones. Trimmed it to size and shampooed it. 


It’s a very pretty Axminster style carpet. It was probably the only brand spanking new carpet our Mother ever had.

We have installed it (with a little help from Debbie and Rochelle) and it looks very nice. A bit of sheer luxury in our Studio.



We are thinking Mum would be very pleased that we have rescued a bit of her lovely carpet.


  1. I've never seen carpeting like that before: it's beautiful! I'm glad you were able to save it.

  2. It looks lovely Linda, it's going to make your workspace a lot warmer underfoot on the cold days. So nice that you were able to recycle it.

  3. oh ah such pretty carpet
    I'm after some for our attic


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