Friday, July 13, 2012

While we were busy at the Quilt Exhibition…………

……….we remembered that a very special cousin would be celebrating a Birthday this coming weekend. Peggy and I decided a quilt would be in order. Monday we pulled the fabrics, decided on a pattern and got stitching.
By Monday evening we were well on the way and ready for Cat scanning:

Tuesday we finished piecing and Wednesday I quilted.
Thursday Peggy stitched the binding on.
Ta dah quilt finished:
How’s this for back art?
If you think you’ve seen this pattern around here before you have, it’s Pineapple Blossom which you can find the pattern for on Bonnie Hunter’s site. This pattern has become a favourite go to for a quick but always interesting quilt.
In the Post and on its way.
Happy Birthday Special Cousin


  1. I love the way you can just whip up a quilt like that
    Whereas it takes me months

  2. That is gorgeous! Those colors and the back...Love it!

  3. Beautiful quilt! Thanks for the link - going to look at the pattern.

  4. Once more, you and Peggy have created a beautiful quilt and the perfect gift. Great teamwork!

  5. I found you from FAFF at Sew Many Ways. You and Peggy are certainly speedy quilters. I love your fabrics / colors. Congrats on a beautiful (and quick!) finish!

  6. LOVE that quilting. I always think quilts are the best gift .

    I dont know how you can whip up a quilt that fast ...I think the quickest I've ever made a quilt is about two weeks.

  7. Super choice of fabrics and shades, what a great sisterly team effort, and so fast!! How do you both manage to fit in so much?? Cheers from Jean.


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