Sunday, July 15, 2012

Time for a change

Remember Sunbonnet Sue?
Golly she was our Summer pinup girl. We’re in the depths of winter here! Time for a change:

The big quilt is Peggy’s “Back to Front” Kiwiana modern. I wish I could show you better photos of this quilt but being so dark it doesn’t photograph well.


See that jam jar quilt on the of front the rack? I made that many years ago (2002). One of the first tops I machine quilted. Back then then it was difficult to buy themed fabric – so some of the fabrics are a bit bizarre.
The quilt hiding at the back is “Amish Wildflowers” which I made for Mum in 1992. Loved and faded. Back then I couldn’t get 100% cotton solids for everything and some parts are part poly and they have faded more than the cotton parts.
However check it out – it’s hand quilted!!!
Today we had a yummy lunch of Beef Stroganoff accompanied by a nice red wine. It’s a dreary rainy day but life in Taupo is good!


  1. Que belleza !! very nice !
    Best regards from Spain.

  2. Love, love, love these black beauties! Black always makes the other colors around it more vivid.

    How I would welcome a dreary, rainy day. No moisture here since early May, and even that wasn't enough to make a dent in the drought conditions. Today will be another dry scorcher.

  3. By any small chance would you have the male version of Sue pattern/template hanging around?
    A friend is making a quilt for her grandmother in law and can't find the pattern anywhere.

    Looking fabulous by the way .. .. .. come to Auckland and tell my husband there is no such thing as too many quilts

  4. I well remember the Amish phase we went through, and the visit by Roberta Horton. In the days when we couldn't always get cotton fabrics, I remember using rayons - floddery but they never faded!


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