Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A new opportunity to shop…

That got you attention didn’t it?

The Combined Church opshop that I volunteer at has just started to sell on Trade Me. Their seller ID is opshopposh. We do get the most amazing things donated to us. This week we have this delightful vintage nursery cup Circa 1945:

Isn’t that just so charming? It would make such a nice gift for a special small person.

Just to be fair I must also share with you that the SPCA have opened an Opshop in Rununga Street Taupo. It’s called Fetch.

So there you go – get shopping!!!


  1. SPCA opshop called Fetch - too clever!!!1 I love it. Isn't that cup precious! I envy you your opshops .....

  2. I love OpShops and tend to go out of my way to find one. The two you mentioned might be a tad too far out of my way, but I'll check them out. ;oD

  3. I love op shops too, but might leave a visit to your Taupo one till the Desert Road has no ice or snow. -2.7 Celsius here, and dropping as I type. Both fires on full, so very cosy inside. Cheers from Jean.


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