Friday, June 29, 2012

More comforting news

After I wrote about Cheese Rolls Nicky of

Farm Girl Stitching wrote this comment:

They are fantastic to eat, SO not good for us though! Our school recently made over 2000 dozen for a fundraiser,they are very popular for stocking the freezer for an easy winter or lambing time lunch. Thanks for sharing your recipe

Intrigued I asked her more about the fundraiser and this is what she said:

Hi Linda,

We sold them for $6.50 a dozen, or 5 dozen for $30.

It was a mammoth job, each batch of mixture made up about 13 loaves, which I think was about 22 dozen per batch. I haven't heard how much the profit was in total, but I suspect it would be around $3 per dozen as lots of our ingredients were donated.

It's probably a real South Island thing, but lots of sports groups etc fundraise down here by making cheese rolls.

It was lots of fun, hard on the back standing spreading all day, but lots of chatting and laughs made the day speed by!

Hope all is well with you, and that you're staying warm.......Nicky

Interesting, yes?

………………but now I’m thinking Cheese Rolls


for tea. Think I’ll go and get some out of the freezer.




  1. Actually, I got hooked into your site by the beee-u-teee-ful quilt on top. But then I stayed for the cheese roll recipe. We're always looking for fundraisers and this looks like the ultimate comfort food. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yours look delicious Linda - guess what's for lunch today? Perfect after a -7 degree frost this morning, and great for school holidays lunches!


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