Thursday, June 14, 2012

Money in the Bank

Energy Bank that is. Our Brother Alan has the theory that if we take some exercise we are “Banking” energy for future use. So this morning in spite of the cool temperatures Peggy and I went for a walk along the lake front. A clear sparkling morning, this was the view across the Lake to Acacia Bay.


Our great big lake and not a boat to be seen!

This lovely big Australian Gum tree is beside the pathway.


Isn’t it magnificent?

Hope I can find some energy to take out of the Bank later this evening when I attend Taupo Quiltmakers. It’s our Social stitching night. We are eating Lasagne and making Lasagne Quilts.

Bye for now


  1. Taupo looks lovely, though I bet you had a cold wind to keep you company on your walk.

    Now, just what is a "lasagne" quilt? I'll check back tomorrow to find out.

  2. Beautiful scenery, Linda. How could one not enjoy walking when surrounded by such splendour!

  3. Your walking trail/path has some gorgeous vistas. It looks like a perfect day to do some "banking."

    Have fun making the Lasagna quilts with your quilting mates.

  4. Beautiful looking winters day. Looking forward to seeing what a lasagna quilt is.


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