Friday, June 29, 2012

More comforting news

After I wrote about Cheese Rolls Nicky of

Farm Girl Stitching wrote this comment:

They are fantastic to eat, SO not good for us though! Our school recently made over 2000 dozen for a fundraiser,they are very popular for stocking the freezer for an easy winter or lambing time lunch. Thanks for sharing your recipe

Intrigued I asked her more about the fundraiser and this is what she said:

Hi Linda,

We sold them for $6.50 a dozen, or 5 dozen for $30.

It was a mammoth job, each batch of mixture made up about 13 loaves, which I think was about 22 dozen per batch. I haven't heard how much the profit was in total, but I suspect it would be around $3 per dozen as lots of our ingredients were donated.

It's probably a real South Island thing, but lots of sports groups etc fundraise down here by making cheese rolls.

It was lots of fun, hard on the back standing spreading all day, but lots of chatting and laughs made the day speed by!

Hope all is well with you, and that you're staying warm.......Nicky

Interesting, yes?

………………but now I’m thinking Cheese Rolls


for tea. Think I’ll go and get some out of the freezer.



Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Comfort Food

Cheese Roll are the ultimate comfort food for South Islanders. In 2010 a competition was held to find the best recipe. I’m going to share that with you today. WARNING  Don’t look if you are supposed to be Weight Watching or lowering your Cholesterol. These rolls are not for you!

The support cast:


Ooooops after I mixed everything together I realised I didn’t have the star in the picture!!! The cheese!


Mix together in a microwaveable jug/bowl:

500 grams (1lb) mild grated cheese

1 pkt Maggi Onion soup mix

1 can 375ml (13 ozs)Carnation Evaporated  Milk

1 finely chopped onion

1 Teaspoon mustard powder

1/4 cup cream

Microwave for 6 mins on high, stir at 2 and 4 mins. Set aside to cool.This is what it will look like:


Take 1 loaf thin sliced bread (I used Bakers delight – it made 21 rolls)While the filling is cooling spread out the bread – I like to line the counter with paper – no mess to clean up!


When mix has cooled spread it thickly on the bread.



Fold once


Fold twice


and you have a cheese roll.

If you are not using all the rolls right away you can freeze the excess.  I used the bag the bread came in to pack up the spare rolls.


Turn on the grill.

Melt some butter – I know some isn’t very concise but it all depends on how many rolls you are going to grill. All I can say is don’t skimp the butter. I am grilling 6 rolls tonight and I melted this much butter:


Shock horror!

Pop rolls rounded side up in a pan and brush with lashings of butter.


Put under grill and watch carefully as they turn lovely crispy brown.



Take out and turn over carefully, brush again with butter, put under grill again, brown, turn again and grill until the rolls are crispy and brown all over.

For a final decadent touch sprinkle with some flaky sea salt. Marlborough Flaky sea salt is just divine.





Let’s go eat!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The stitching continued….




That part is all done now, just the ruler work to go.

Kaiser has been busy too:


I think Peggy’s new Kiwiana modern has been approved.

Thanks for popping by.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Still stitching………….

on Peggy’s quilt:


It’s looking good…………..

I hope to be finished the black parts tomorrow, then it’s onto some ruler work on the patterned parts.

Thanks for popping by.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I’m having the best fun……..

………quilting a Kiwiana quilt for Peggy. The top has lots of big empty spaces to play in.

Back to front quilt

Fantastic new thread to play with. Lava by Superior Threads. It’s black and red – looks a bit blue in the photos I know.


It’s all good.

Thanks for popping by.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pencil this in your Diary

Come along to our show. We have lots of very talented quilters in our group. We usually have at least 200 items on display.

I will be there most days. Please ask for me if you come, love to meet you!
Plan a family day out in Taupo – lots for Hubby and the children to do while you take in some eye candy.
Hope to see  there

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A second helping of Lasagne

This is the quilt that Peggy made:


We have been given a pile of Kiwiana fabrics scraps. Peggy pieced some small pieces together to go across the width.

oh look who’s coming:


Cat scanning duties completed:


Thanks Kaiser! Thanks Peggy for sharing.


Surprisingly Starry

Remember I wrote a wee while ago about quilting a quilt for Peggy? Here it is:


If you go to Peggy’s blog you can read the story behind this quilt. You may also like to check out her new Needle book gallery.

I just wanted to share with you some of the quilting that I did. Look at that star popping.


Curved crosshatching and piano keys! A first for me.


Such a nice quilt to stitch on.

Our favourite quilt photographing area is looking a little stark now. It’s cold today, lots of snow on them there hills.

Thanks for popping by.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lasagne Night………

……..went well. If you were left wondering what a Lasagne quilt is,here’s one I made with a range of Coffee themed fabric.


Twenty rows of stitching and I had a quilt!


and here’s one I made for my car mad Great Nephew:

L Quilt3

Sorry pictures are a bit blurry but I’m sure you get the idea.This is a quilt as you go project.If you go to Lynn Brown’s Blog you will find very good directions.You can make these with fabric straight onto polar fleece instead of three layers. A good way to use up those novelty fabrics that are printed in rows.Like this:


Great way to make quick kiddies quilt.Very easy.

The one I made last night was flannel onto polar fleece, made a lovely soft cuddly.I am donating it to Taupo Quiltmakers Community Quilts. Another quilter offered to bind it for me so I don’t have it to show you. When it is bound I will try to remember to post a photograph.

Having a slower day here today. Just contemplating making bias binding for a scalloped edge. I do like to set these little challenges for myself!

Thanks for popping by


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Money in the Bank

Energy Bank that is. Our Brother Alan has the theory that if we take some exercise we are “Banking” energy for future use. So this morning in spite of the cool temperatures Peggy and I went for a walk along the lake front. A clear sparkling morning, this was the view across the Lake to Acacia Bay.


Our great big lake and not a boat to be seen!

This lovely big Australian Gum tree is beside the pathway.


Isn’t it magnificent?

Hope I can find some energy to take out of the Bank later this evening when I attend Taupo Quiltmakers. It’s our Social stitching night. We are eating Lasagne and making Lasagne Quilts.

Bye for now

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A new opportunity to shop…

That got you attention didn’t it?

The Combined Church opshop that I volunteer at has just started to sell on Trade Me. Their seller ID is opshopposh. We do get the most amazing things donated to us. This week we have this delightful vintage nursery cup Circa 1945:

Isn’t that just so charming? It would make such a nice gift for a special small person.

Just to be fair I must also share with you that the SPCA have opened an Opshop in Rununga Street Taupo. It’s called Fetch.

So there you go – get shopping!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

It’s been a hard day in the Quilting Studio


We started at 9 this morning and stopped just after 4 this afternoon.

Kaiser the Kat that Kwilts stuck with it though.

He was tired:


He would probably would have preferred a more comfy place to sleep but he stuck with it:DSCF2381

Not one to give up easily.

Yep, Kaiser is definitely part of the stichin’ team!

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Imaginary Menagerie

Here’s Mary’s other quilt. She felt the Beary Starry quilt was a tad big for a new born so made another cot sized quilt:




Cot panels, ah always fun. Ducking and diving around the features, very liberated quilting.

Cute as!

Thanks for popping by

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