Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Travelling Pineapples

After we made the Pineapple Blossom quilt for Rewa, Peggy was inspired to make another one for her friend Cherie in Sydney. Cherie loves the colour orange and a bit of a dramatic look. So this is what Peggy made for her.


How about that for pizazz?

……..and another look:


I was lucky enough to get to quilt it. Peggy gave it to Cherie yesterday. I think Cherie is well pleased with it.

Thanks for popping by



  1. It's a beautiful quilt.

    You have a wonderful place to photograph quilts.

  2. Hi Linda, I so enjoy your blog, and so I have "awarded" you with the Liebster Blog award. This award is passed from blogger to blogger to encourage and support our community of smaller bloggers. Check out the details on my blog. And, the pineapple quilt is beautiful.

  3. A super duper quilt, and a great place to hang it, is that slatted piece of woodwork specially for your quilts? And an award!!! Well done Linda, and to Peggy for her choice of colours. Cheers from Jean


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