Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thanks Mum

We have just had a lovely Sunday Roast, Wild Pork, roast veges and all the fixings (as our Texas rellies would say). This was complimented by a Blackberry and Apple Sponge.
When we were young and it was blackberry season we would often go out and pick berries, hoping that Mum would make us a treat when we got home. She seldom disappointed us.She usually whipped up a pie or a fruit sponge. This is her Fruit sponge recipe:
BEAT: until thick , 2 eggs and ½ cup sugar
SIFT: together ½ cup flour and 1 teaspoon of baking powder.
MELT: 1oz butter (25 grams) and 3 dessertspoons milk (30ml)
FOLD: Flour and Baking powder into egg mixture then add the milk/butter liquid.
POUR: the whole sponge mixture over hot fruit in pie dish.
BAKE:  at 350° F for 20 mins.
A few modern tips:
I warm the eggs with a 20 sec zap in the micro wave or pop them in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes. I use caster sugar and also zap that for 20 secs. I put the fruit in a glass pie dish and heat that in the micro wave. Mum used to cook the fruit, tip it in an enamel dish and pop it on top of the coal range to get bubbling hot.
Today being Mother’s Day we made a toast to Mum when we sat down to dinner. This month it is 6 months since we said our final Goodbye. We reflected and thought how pleased Mum would have been with our team effort today.
Alan supplied the wild pork, pumpkin and blackberries.
Norman supplied the Potatoes and apples.
Peggy and I cooked, Alan did the carving.
I’m sure Mum would be smiling down on us.
image 1
Thanks Mum you taught us a lot.
Thanks for popping by


  1. Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day, although it must be tinged with some sadness this year. I'm sure your Mum would be proud of the spread you all created and the togetherness you shared. A beautiful photo of her too.
    Karen xx

  2. Linda, we share the loss together this day.Remembering brings laughter, some sadness, and family togetherness. Fond greetings from Jean.

  3. A lovely tribute to your mom!

  4. This recipe looks amazing !
    Visiting from 'Sew Many Ways'.


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