Friday, March 23, 2012

Food for thought…..

I am a great believer in fresh is best and home baked is best. I was very interested in this article written by Rhonda over at the Down to Earth Simple Living Blog. Rhonda went to her local Supermarket and was dismayed to find out how difficult it was to buy plain flour.

After reading her article I checked Woolworths NZ website to see if the same was happening here – I am glad to say it’s not. You can go direct to a Flour section. However I am with her in that we need to look in our local supermarkets and complain loudly if the same is happening here.

My break away was shorter than planned. I was away at the  Ruapuke Beach area  over Raglan way.A typical black sand wild and rugged beach.

It’s nice to be home. I am reminded of the old saying:

East is East

West is West

But home is Best!!!

How true. It’s hard to beat Taupo for beauty.


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  1. Welcome home! I hope your holiday was relaxing and enjoyable.


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