Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Flying Visit

This evening we have had the RNZAF Acrobatic team fly over Taupo.The fly by was part of its national tour to celebrate 75 years of the RNZAF.

The display recognised Taupo's history with the RNZAF such as exercises held at the old airfield in 1963. Flying training camps, tactical transport training camps, and visiting VIP aircraft and RNZAF participation in air shows are other associations the RNZAF has maintained with Taupo over the years.

Pretty exciting stuff. Loop the loop and vapour trails. They even traced a heart in the sky. Glynn says the  sounds remind him of planes during the war. I think he was hoping they would have a dog fight!


PS Photos from the net – my camera is not that good!


  1. Just as I was going to compliment you on the good photography you go and add a P.S. ;)

  2. How exciting! I love to go to air-shows, but sadly there are not many around here.


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