Saturday, February 11, 2012

Quilts for Christchurch

Yes another one completed. This is going to a friend of Peggy’s who had a nasty time in then Earthquake.

She’s a pansy lover so Peggy thought this would be nice and bright and cherry for her.




I got to do the quilting. Loved working with these colours. The thread is a Superior Threads Poly quilter Rainbow Sherbet  one which I just happened to add to my last thread order on sheer impulse. I think it’s very pretty – so much so that I thought it called for a banner change.I think this thread will be appearing again in the future.

Thanks for popping by



  1. This is a beautiful quilt - congratulations to you and Peggy!

    Peggy's friend is going to love this quilt.

  2. Love the new banner Linda, and the thread is great, are they all from overseas? I'm so sure that anyone receiving a quilt from you and Peggy will be so happy, the comfort that comes with a quilt is so special. Cheers from Jean


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