Saturday, February 18, 2012

The heavens opened………

Yesterday evening we had a tremendous thunder storm and torrential rain. Every time this happens I feel a tad concerned. Our house is very flat to the ground. The previous owners set up a complex system of drains and sink holes. So far so good but I always feel I must go and check.

This is how our front cobbled area looked. Just a bubbling swirling mass of water. It stopped just at the flower pots you can see in the foreground.


Our pebble garden took on a new look as a pond!



Then just as suddenly as it all started it stopped.

Some of our flowers look a tad battered today but the garden does seem refreshed. The air is cool.


Bye for now


  1. All that rain would have me scurrying to check the drains, too. Does this rain indicate that Fall is approaching?

  2. Linda, we too worry when there is torrential rain and the stream rises.So glad it stopped at the garden area. Cheers from Jean. p.s. I do so like your new header photo.

  3. And the rain came down in Auckland too
    We were flooded ;'(


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