Monday, February 20, 2012

Foundation piecing……

is so good for sewing small blocks


I’ve been busy sewing this today as a sample for a class I am teaching. At the class I will be teaching foundation piecing in the morning and in the afternoon everyone will make one of my Chatelaines using foundation pieced blocks.

The wee butterfly secures the ribbon that my scissors are attached to.


My favourite part is this wee pocket that holds my thimble.


The pockets are deep enough to hold thread, wax, chalk or any other goodies I may need.

I have put cotton batting in this chatelaine. Above the pocket on one side I put pins and the other side needles.

I love my Chatelaine – I am so used to it I find it difficult to hand sew without.



  1. Your chatelaine is lovely - so cheerful in those colors.

    I know your class will be filled with eager and enthusiast students.

  2. Very nice, Linda. I can see why you wouldn't want to be without it. I love the colours you've used. I am hopeless at paper piecing but admire those who can do it ... hope you don't have a klutz like me in your class, lol.


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