Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Foundation Piecing II


Since I wrote yesterday several people have commented to me about foundation piecing.It seems you either love it or hate it! I have some loves and some hates which I thought I would share with you:


I hate the mess – I always think I will be tidy but it never seems to happen

I hate that I have to cut fabric way bigger

I HATE taking the paper off


I love that I can piece small pieces very accurately

I love that I can achieve angles and shapes I probably couldn’t do any other way.

Top tips

Use a medium interfacing to piece on. It takes way longer to trace off patterns but the time it saves at the other end makes it worth while.

Use a finger iron at your machine instead of going to the ironing board.

Unless you plan to hand quilt the interfacing is the way to go.

Never tried foundation piecing? Here are some super sites you can visit to get information:

Very nice pattern for a vintage sunburst block

and put Foundation piecing into their search machine, I did and got over 300 results.

This one is an old favourite

she has lots of other sites listed on her site.

Now if you make one of these your quilting friends will be way impressed:

……..and more

Go on give it a go, you know you want to.



  1. Great links, thanks!

    I've done some paper-piecing but got distracted by other projects. It might be time to work on some PP projects again.

  2. You may have encouraged me to give it a try again .... thanks for the links.


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