Saturday, February 25, 2012

For some time now

I’ve been following some very nice blogs. I thought it was time I got generous and shared some with you:
Tanya is an Japanese American living her life in Japan. Her blog Taniwa is a very interesting read. Not only does she quilt but she talks every day life in Japan.
Quilting in my pyjamas is written by Shay of Australia. Shay hosts a Favourite Things Friday link up. She has a typically Australian sense of humour. Never fails to make me laugh.
A new blog I have just started reading By the Babbling Brook. Written by Kate. I think Kate and I are soul mates, we like the same sort of food and yesterday we both made focaccia using nearly identical recipes. Spooky Possums!
Cottage Tails written by Leanne. Life on a self sufficiency block, home schooling, farm animals,pets, quilting and so much more. Leanne writes in a way that makes you feel part of the family – you just cant wait for the next post
Catalina’s Cottage. Cat writes about her life with the adorable MrB and her children Tsunami and Philosopher. Cat inspired lots of quilters to make quilts for Christchurch. Pop over for a look, very cute blog.
Oh, and I better mention my lovely sister Peggy or there may be no cup of tea for me in bed tomorrow. The life and times of a crazy quilter and more……
Last but not least my DH Glynn has recently started a blog of his Memoirs of a Staffordshire Lad.
There that should keep you quiet for a while.


  1. Linda, you made my day!!! I checked out all the blogs you mentioned and quite enjoyed them - thanks for the links.

  2. Linda thanks for the shout out. That's so kind of you.

    I guess I do call it like I see it


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