Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pin Cushion Parade

Beth at Love Laugh Quilt  is hosting a Pincushion Parade. I had to join in with this. Did I mention I love Pin Cushions? I have a wee collection:


Did you spot the one on the left in the basket. My sister Wendy made it for me. A pin cushion pad inserted in a tea cup. 

This is a favourite:


Love this one too:


Very clever construction – the cushion sits on a candle stick.

Did I make these two lovelies?No, a friend made them for me. Couldn’t quite see me sitting and blanket stitching around all those pieces. I think the Bumble Bee one is an Australian pattern.

I love pincushions. I don’t know how people sew without them. When I taught patchwork I used to give all my students a pin cushion and encourage them to use it. I cant be doing with scrabbling around in a pin tin, fighting to find a pin amongst all the other things people put in there – needles,safety pins, buttons, domes, hooks and eyes etc. You name it if it was small enough to tuck in the pin tin in it went! I like my pins to be standing at attention ready to go.

This was my  standard complimentary pin cushion:


Made with a pair on magic four patches, stuffed with wool roving and buttoned through the middle. BTW if you can get hold of wool roving to stuff your pincushion it’s just the best. Still has the lanolin in it so it keeps your pins in good condition.

Did you say “What is a magic four patch?” Tomorrow I will do a wee tutorial for that.

See you then.


  1. A tutorial! good, that answers my question. Today in the prison we knocked up three or four very simple pin cushions, I so agree with your reasons and have a dozen or so scattered around my house. I would love to encourage the Shut ins to make pretty ones - and we do have plenty of buttons!
    Regards, June

  2. My favorites are the four patches. Very nice! I need to look into that wool roving.....I've been using crushed walnut shells.

  3. What a splendid collection of pin cushions you have! I look forward to your tutorial tomorrow.

  4. The pansies, with all that buttonhole stitching, is too pretty to use! I agree with you about the wool roving... must find some!

  5. Great collection of cushions.

    I'm afraid that I scramble for pins because I use a magnetic pin keeper.

    I never would have thought about using wool roving as stuffing. What a brilliant idea.

  6. Hi you have a nice collection, and all are beautiful. Love the doll's that you have in the basket.
    Have a great day!!

  7. Wow... what a great collection you have. I just made a very simple pin cushion quite similar with your standard one. I would like to know how to make some more pin cushion. Your tutorial will help me much. Looking forward to it. :)

  8. I too love pincushions, yours are great, I made a ring picushion thats so easy when sewing by hand(or even on the machine)I also made a cat pincushion and a mannequindoll pincushion. I like them but my friends love them.


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