Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friends are gathering…..

How many friends can an I Pad have? Lots I suspect!
This is the latest new friend:
This little gizmo called an I stroke by ozaki. I’m loving this. The tip has a soft touch liquid crystal pad. Makes  precision touching on your screen real easy. It just plugs right into the side of your I pad when not in use. Peggy found these on Trademe.
Remember I asked about aps? I have found a couple I really like:
Flipboard – great for reading blogs.
and TED – lots of interesting stuff.
Yes, it’s true I’m turning into an I Pad gizmo freak.
Bye for now


  1. Linda, love the gizmo, but not so sure about your "NEW FIEND!!!", did the "r" get lost? well done to find apps so fast,we had guests here in their motor home and their I Pad was so handy,useful, and all else, , took photos, logged into our wireless BB and sent off to family elsewhere. Checked out my blog, saw the pics I took, then read the post I did that night.All with just a touch.Keep I Padding!!! Cheers from Jean. p.s. is your blogger so slow too? I see other blogs in USA are having problems, is it worldwide??

  2. Is you iPad sitting in a book seat? Does that work well?


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