Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fruits of the Season

 Every year about this time our brother Alan visits from Auckland. Over time he has found some very good blackberry picking spots. This year’s crop has been exceptionally good. He has picked over 6 kilos of fruit!

Yesterday we enjoyed this:


Sorry cant tell you the picking location, I’d have to kill you if I did!

………..try not to drool.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Re purposing, up cycling and all that

That’s what I’ve been doing to day. A new use for an old pillow case. Check it out:

The pattern for this bag can be found on Martha Stewart’s site. It’s called “A Sleeper of  a bag” They are very quick and easy to make. No straps to construct. I like the way the bag snugs against your body.
This is my favourite – spot the pansies. Say no more.
Thanks for popping by.

Friday, January 27, 2012

What’s a cat to do………….

on a miserable cold rainy morning?

Well stay in bed of course!!


Smarter than the average human perhaps?

From hot hot 28C two days ago to 14C today. A bit of a change.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Op Shop Treasure

Look at this loveliness that followed me home from the op shop today.


All beautifully hand stitched. Still with the original fabric dressing in it. Stiff as a board.Colour vibrant, stitches beautifully executed.


A few marks, but I am sure they will soak out.


Happy days!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My favourite everyday Pin Cushion

Yesterday I forgot to show you the pin cushion I use all the time.


Isn’t it darling? Years ago Aunty Grace had a pin cushion like this. I thought it was the cutest thing. Several years ago I spotted them whilst shopping in Sydney. I bought more then one. I gave one away, I’ve worn one out and I’m down to my last one. They are stuffed with something quite to firm,looks like saw dust. The filling seems keep my pins sharp and bright. These were as cheap as chips, about $2 each. I wish I had bought more.

Did you the sign of OCD behaviour? Yes every now and then I just have to take all the pins out and sort them into colour groups. Eeek!



Magic Four Patch Tutorial

Easy way to make two matching four patches.
Formula: Finished block size plus 1” e.g. for a 4” finished block start with 2 x 5” squares. (I make my pincushions with 5” squares but the could be made a bit bigger.)

Right sides together sew squares together down each side.Cut the squares in half  in same direction as the stitching.
 Open and press seams towards dark fabric. Rotate squares so you have light to dark and seams matching.Sew down outer edges:


Cut in half again, open, press and you have 2 perfect four patches.

How easy peasy is that? I don’t claim to have thought this up, I wish I could give credit to the person who did.
I like this technique because:
  • I don’t have to cut out lots of little squares
  • It’s better than strip piecing because the squares stay more accurate.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pin Cushion Parade

Beth at Love Laugh Quilt  is hosting a Pincushion Parade. I had to join in with this. Did I mention I love Pin Cushions? I have a wee collection:


Did you spot the one on the left in the basket. My sister Wendy made it for me. A pin cushion pad inserted in a tea cup. 

This is a favourite:


Love this one too:


Very clever construction – the cushion sits on a candle stick.

Did I make these two lovelies?No, a friend made them for me. Couldn’t quite see me sitting and blanket stitching around all those pieces. I think the Bumble Bee one is an Australian pattern.

I love pincushions. I don’t know how people sew without them. When I taught patchwork I used to give all my students a pin cushion and encourage them to use it. I cant be doing with scrabbling around in a pin tin, fighting to find a pin amongst all the other things people put in there – needles,safety pins, buttons, domes, hooks and eyes etc. You name it if it was small enough to tuck in the pin tin in it went! I like my pins to be standing at attention ready to go.

This was my  standard complimentary pin cushion:


Made with a pair on magic four patches, stuffed with wool roving and buttoned through the middle. BTW if you can get hold of wool roving to stuff your pincushion it’s just the best. Still has the lanolin in it so it keeps your pins in good condition.

Did you say “What is a magic four patch?” Tomorrow I will do a wee tutorial for that.

See you then.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cool Cats………

are looking very cool:


Amazing how a few squiggly lines can add so much texture.


Nearly half way through, no wonder those cool cats are jumping for joy.


I’m using my new fav soft grey So Fine Signature thread. It is such a great blending thread. Pop it on purple and it looks purple, pop it on blue and it looks blue.So versatile or should that be sew?

It’s all bright and cheerful in the sewing room today. Pop on over and check out Peggy’s project.

Thanks for popping by – keep on coming back I will be hosting a super giveaway soon.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Friends are gathering…..

How many friends can an I Pad have? Lots I suspect!
This is the latest new friend:
This little gizmo called an I stroke by ozaki. I’m loving this. The tip has a soft touch liquid crystal pad. Makes  precision touching on your screen real easy. It just plugs right into the side of your I pad when not in use. Peggy found these on Trademe.
Remember I asked about aps? I have found a couple I really like:
Flipboard – great for reading blogs.
and TED – lots of interesting stuff.
Yes, it’s true I’m turning into an I Pad gizmo freak.
Bye for now

Monday, January 16, 2012

Vintage fabric


I did my shift at the Opshop today. I came home with this:


36 inches wide x 5 meters  (or should I say yards?).

Isn’t it cute, fresh and pretty? I just love it when my quilter’s eyes spot something like this. The price of all this loveliness? $1!!

Thanks for popping by

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busman’s holiday

What does a quilter do when she’s on a bit of break? Well quilt of course! I’ve been playing!


Just plain calico and cream cotton


Micro texture inside large stipple


Funky seed pod feather.


All the better to quilt your quilts!

Thanks for popping by

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bring on the sun………

…………..Sue is ready. She’s heard the message, she has her hat on and she’s all covered up!
Isn’t this red fabric groovy?
The whole quilt.
I rescued this quilt from Trade Me. The owner said it had come from antique shop owned by a family member in the USA. I am sure it is a genuine 1930’s quilt The fabrics and the bubble-gum pink certainly speak from that era. The applique and quilting all hand done.
The binding is machined on – not very well I might add. Although there is a lot of hand work on this quilt I have a feeling they may have manufactured – perhaps as a cottage industry – or perhaps kitted up. I did see a nearly identical one on a blog some time ago. I’d love it if anyone could share any information about this.
Meanwhile Sue is gracing our front hallway. Offering a cheerful welcome.
Thanks for popping by.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Pad and friend

I had been thinking for sometime about buying a book seat. I finally decided to buy one, it arrived a couple of days ago. Guess what ? It’s perfect for propping up my I pad.


 Pink of course! I purchased my book/I Pad seat from The Disability Resource Organisation  No affiliation – just the best price I could find.

You can find more info and pictures at The Book Seat Ltd


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