Friday, December 02, 2011

How sage

This is Maxie’s latest quilt. I have called it “How Sage of you”. When I contemplated this quilt I decided it was probably one of the most challenging quilts I have tackled.Although just a simple rail house block, the plain green borders and strips within the blocks presented quite a conundrum. I knew that if I quilted the centre of the quilt with an all over pattern the plain green sections would look very strange. Just a mish mash of lines. After much thought I put funky sunflower flowers and tendrils in the outer border, McDazzle in the next two borders, a side to side squiggle with a fan turn in that sage strip and echo flowers in the rest of the blocks.



  I am so pleased with the end result. Lots of texture and movement. Check out the back:


Yep, it’s a favourite.

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  1. Beautiful! The quilting is amazing, Linda. I love the simplicity of rail fence and think your quilting adds some whimsy and delight to the quilt. This quilt would be a favourite of mine, too.


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