Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ye ha………….

The cowboys and cowgirls gathered for my sister Barbara’s wedding to her dream cowboy in Tauranga on Saturday.




What a fun wedding theme. Even the minister was taken aback –he got the congregation to sit still so he could take a photo!

My sister and her new husband meet at the Op shop where they volunteer. I was talking to her about the Opshop I work in. I said to her “I am convinced if you wait long enough any thing you could possibly want will come into the Opshop” She said “Yes, even a husband!”

Me with my Great Nephews:


It’s good to be back with you. Thanks for popping by.


PS More photos over on Peggy’s blog


  1. An"" Op Shop Romance"".look at what you find, and I am sure no-one would call the wonderful tall handsome man "A Bargain".Lucky lady. What a lovely way to finish the month with a wedding, and in such style.Sadness and happiness all combined, with your family together.Take care Linda,days so different, time seems to stand still, together you and I, and I am sure so many others, have many new challenges as we learn to live without a Mum who was always there.Fond cheers from Jean.

  2. It looks like a fun wedding and that every body got into the spirit.

    How lovely to have something wonderful to celebrate. I've been thinking of you.

  3. Had to come and read this again...
    What a lovely couple they made.
    Julia ♥


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