Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sometimes fresh and……..

……….and simple is best!
Today for lunch we tucked into fresh baked focaccia and cold cuts.
When we set focaccia  to rise for baking we drizzle it with garlic and fresh herbs that have been bruised with a mortar and pestle and soaked in some olive oil. By the time it rises nearly all the oil (about half a cup)has soaked into the dough. Just before baking  I poke extra holes in the top for another drizzle of  oil and sprinkle with flaky salt. Ooops forgot to do that bit! I whipped the oven open after about 4 minutes and sprinkled salt on top. All very yummy.
The wee glass of wine wasn’t bad either.


  1. I love lunches like this. You can have a bit of this and a bit of that.Yummy!

  2. Linda,

    You are making me hungry!!! By the way, loved your T-pins' "other" job. ;)


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