Saturday, October 22, 2011

In the Pink

Long ago in the mists of time when Peggy was living in Sydney and I was living in Thames, Peggy acquired a Mystery Quilt Pattern. This was before the internet made these things easily available. Peggy sent me the fabric requirements. Once I had that sorted she faxed me a “clue” each week. The mystery was very clever, I was kept guessing to the very end. Only problem was I didn’t think to hard about the fabric proportions. It never occurred to me that the pink I selected would be so dominant! The quilt was actually set on point but when I put the huge pink setting triangles in it was definitely pink overload! So I unpicked and changed to a square setting.
This top has languished all this time waiting for quilting. Every now and then I would pull it out – and put it back in the TOO HARD basket. Looking for something for a final play on Nolt before I get serious about other quilts I popped “In the Pink” on. What a difference a bit of texture makes!!
This quilt is going to my Aunty Bette. She wears these colours a lot. From the moment the top was finished it whispered to me who it should go to. Aunty Bette doesn’t know anything about the quilt. I think she will be a tad gob smacked when she receives it.


  1. it really is lovely - but then again I LOVE pink

  2. Beautiful! This is definitely a "quilting makes the quilt" case!

  3. The quilting made all the difference! Your Aunt will love it!

  4. I remember those 'recipes' - 1 pattern, 1 dark and 1 light and I so agree, the quilting makes all the difference.


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