Sunday, September 04, 2011

What’s on your fridge?

I have to say I am not a big fan for lots of stuff stuck on the fridge. So what’s happening here?


……………….but hey this is all really important stuff! Check from the left:

schedule for Rugby World cup, day by day cat themed calendar, Magnets hand stitched in quilt block patterns. Magnet memento from Jersey Boys. Probably the best musical ever – coming to NZ soon, don’t miss it. A Red Hat Lady’s themed magnet. Words “When my sister and I grow old we shall wear purple with a red hat”. Yes! Memo pad for those never ending “just one more thing from the supermarket” notes. Finally a new addition – the big red thing. A  to do list board. Zero in and take a second look….


Now I cant take that off can I?

TTFN now, chores all done time for you know what!

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