Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vintage Hexagons

Time to share some more Hexi goodness


Here’s the quilt label which tells most of the story:


I think this quilt has a very 1970s flower power look to it. It has every sort of fabric you could think of in it, corduroy, velveteen, old ties, old table linen, woollen plaids, needle cord, cottons, silks, it’s all in there. Even some of that horrid fabric from the seventies that looked like wool but was synthetic and had a kinda knit nylon on the back of it. Oh and there some of the dreaded crimpolene in there to! Gosh was that stuff ever indestructible. I bet it’s still lurking in landfills. I tried very hard to make my inserts look like they belonged. I think I did a good job as I have trouble finding them now!


I know I did that pink centre one in the top row and the pink centred one below to the left. See that flower top left orange? I’m sure it’s made from an old linen table mat. I used to have some just like that.

This old quilt is like a jar of buttons – everyone who looks at it has a story – “oh I remember that fabric, my Mum made me a dress with that.”

I quilted it with straight lines on the diagonal through the centre of the flowers. Interesting, this created another hexagon pattern all over the top of the quilt.

Here’s a bit more to enjoy:


By the way the sides of the hexagons measure 1”. How the sewer ever managed some of theses horrid fabrics on such small hexagons I don't know


PS Did you spot my Patchwork balls in the foreground of the top picture? I’ll tell you about those tomorrow.


  1. Hexagon quilts seem to attract us as a family. I really love this one and Linda has done a wonderful job in restoring it.

  2. I adore this quilt. It's gorgeous. Hexies always look good!

  3. I love this quilt - love hexies xxx


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