Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sweet Pea Day

Yes it’s that day again. What a nice time we have had. Debbie and Jean couldn’t join us but we stitched on and had a good time.


Andreena has been getting ready for Christmas:

This fun, bright, cheerful Santa quilt is for her Grandson


He’ll be two this Christmas, really getting into the fun. With Andreena for a Gran he’s going to have such a fun Christmas.

Now this is  (I think) for one of her Granddaughters.


These panels are such fun to quilt. Andreena has made then come alive with her clever stitching.

………ah such a nice day. Good friends, good food and stitching. What more could you want?

Thanks for popping by.


PS Sorry about the wonky quilt pictures. Lovely stiff fresh breeze blowing up from the Waikato river. I have to try and judge camera clicks between puffs.

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  1. I like the quilts swinging in the breeze like that, I think it adds to the character of them.


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