Friday, September 02, 2011

Spring has sprung

Hi di hi

Get on those gardening shoes, the garden is calling!


My Dad used to quote this poem.

Der spring is sprung
Der grass is riz
I wonder where dem boidies is?
Der little boids is on der wing,
Ain't dat absoid?
Der little wings is on de boid!

I always wondered where it came from, a chat with Mr Google gave me this answer:

In Arnold Silcock's Verse and Worse, it is attributed to ANON [New York]

We’ve been here nearly two years but we still keep finding surprises in the garden. Last summer we lost a large tree with the drought. It seems it was hiding this Camellia which we have just discovered. I love this one with its soft crumpled inner petals like a ballerina’s tutu. This one holds well when picked. Doesn’t go all yucky and brown too quick.


………and look the Bumble bees are bumbling!


I didn’t know until just recently that our cuzzie bros across the Tasman don’t have Bumble Bees. So Aussies please enjoy.

Have you ever touched a Bumble Bee? Wait until they are busy doing what bees do then give them a gentle stroke. They won’t mind and you’ll love it!

Thanks for attending this nature study lesson.


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  1. Love your pictures...

    I live here and didn't know we don't have bumblebees. That would be because I'm highly allergic to bees and don't go anywhere near enough to see them properly let alone touch them!


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