Friday, September 09, 2011

Rugby World Cup project

Many months ago a friend asked me to repair/restore a quilt.

She made this quilt I would guess about 15 years ago. It has pure wool batting in it. The kind we used to get here in New Zealand that isn’t needled. She started hand quilting it
Lovely quilting
She got tired of quilting and let her daughter have the quilt. Before she gave it to her she turned the backing to the front and tacked the edges. Her daughter started to use it – then washed it.More than once I would say. This is what happened:
Oh dear. First I had to find matching batting. They don’t make that kind any more, Then I cut the damaged batting out. Next step is to sew in the new batting. Then I need to mark up matching style quilting patterns and start stitching. She said she didn’t mind if I pulled it all undone and machine quilted it. I cant bear to do that because her quilting is so nice. I am going to finish hand quilting it out to the borders then perhaps I may machine quilt the borders. I am only kidding myself here as I know when I get to the borders I will think they have to be hand quilted too.
………….so that’s my hand stitching project whilst watching the Rugby.
Bring it on


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  1. I admire anyone who can quilt - I mean I cut my material up and then sew it back together and sometimes can manage to hold it all together with some straight'ish lines - but 'quilting' is something I haven't got my head around yet - BUT - HAND quilting - patience of a Saint! FANTASTIC !! !!


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