Monday, September 05, 2011

Our multi talented cats


Just when you thought you knew everything about our cats a new talent has been revealed.

Danske Mobler offered to let us have a Stressless chair for the weekend to see if it would suit Glynn. We soon found out it wasn’t suitable so moved it to the side of the lounge and draped it with quilts just in case a cat came along.


Cici came along to give it an additional check out. I think she rated it A1 but sadly it has to go back.

Golly all this talk about cats you’ll be thinking I have forgotten how to sew. Don’t worry I have been doing a quiet bit of hand stitching.

BTW the show was good but as always music far TOO LOUD! Tim has a nice voice but it was hard to hear him over the music. Why do they do that? The show girl costumes and  dancing were superb. Those girls certainly wouldn’t be needing to go to the gym. The lead dancer choreographs the dancers and her Mother and Sister make all their costumes. Amazing work.


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