Monday, September 12, 2011

Op shop treasures

I didn’t ‘fess up last week as I bought home hardly anything. Well a hand painted silk scarf for Peggy’s craft work  and a wooden coat hanger for me. I know it sounds funny to say I bought a coat hanger but I just love wooden coat hangers. They are another blast from the past. I love the ones like this that have that shaped collar support.


So good for keeping jackets in shape.I also have some that carry advertising. Some I guess were just given as gifts by firms at Christmas time but some are from Dry Cleaning Companies, some have come to New Zealand from far way hotels!I can remember the days (opps my age is showing) when a complimentary hanger was supplied when a suit was cleaned.

Today I was very good, I only bought home these tea towels:


Now that pretty restrained wasn’t it?

BTW if any of you are interested my sister Peggy repurposes all sorts of lace, ribbon, silk,buttons, beads etc. into lovely crafting kits. She sells them on Trade Me under the trading name Kaliko Kottage. If you like to stitch and embellish you might like to check out her listings.


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  1. Yes Ive bought stuff off Peggy on trademe.Plus I have her listings in my favourites :)Mind you she wont get rich from the few times I have
    Regards Phillipa
    aka freeone on trademe


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