Monday, September 19, 2011

Lemon Dusters

Now that’s an exciting title isn’t it?
Truth is I love these things. That’s pretty amazing as I so don’t care to dust! I read about these in Wendyl Nissan’s “Domestic Goddess” book. Today I took some wee jars of dusters in to my fellow volunteers at The Op Shop.

Peggy printed up the recipes for me. I laminated them and tied the cards on with raffia. This was a pretty clean green exercise. I bought an old flannelette sheet for the dusters and the jars from the op shop. Clean, green, recycle and all that jazz. If you go to Wendyl’s site the recipe is there.
We use her recipe for laundry detergent and spray and wipe. Saves money and so nice to use.
I haven’t forgotten about the Dream Balls. Perhaps tomorrow I will have time to get onto it.


  1. What a fantastic idea...I have some lemons here but no lemon oil so Im going to have to put that on my shopping list for this week.

    Thanks for the heads up. Wendy's site looks great!

  2. Yeaha another Wendyl Nissen fan :) I LOVE the peppermint paste - haven't tried these yet but I will and I LOVE the way you've presented them


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