Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dream Balls

Here we are as promised my patchwork covered balls. I learned how to make these about 15 years ago. Peggy sent me the instructions from an online quilting group she belonged to. Sorry, I can’t give credit to the creative person who shared the instructions. In those days it was written instruction only. I have made many of these over the years.


These ones are showing their age – spot the Hoffman pansies.

They are a good way to use up scraps (fabric and batting) and provide a nice little portable project.

 A few of these sitting in a basket make a nice Christmas centre piece.


Isn’t Santa cute?

Just one ball with a decorative wee card attached makes a nice present for a special friend.

When I lived in Thames I had  these little wooden crates made for me to display them in. They make an interesting ever changing decorating feature. Every few days you can turn the balls around and get a different look.


I am wondering if you would like me to write a tutorial for these?

Bye for now


  1. Hi Linda, I would love to see a tutorial for these, they are wee sweeties!
    Thanks, Nicky

  2. I'd love to see how they're done. They look wonderful!

  3. Very cute! Would be great to decorate with.

  4. Yes, please. Or, offer the pattern. These "appear" to be something I could make ;)

  5. yes please yes please yes please


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