Wednesday, September 28, 2011

…….and the winner is…….


Jean! at All Points of the Compass.


Jean and I started our blogs about the same time. We have enjoyed talking and sharing tips about blogging. If you have visited Jean’s blog you will know that she has an interest in things Japanese. I am sure she will enjoy the rugs.

Thank you for all your comments.



  1. Wow!!!This is wonderful, the last time I won anything it was a rice cooker, about 25 years ago!!!..
    I will treasure the rugs so much. Many, many, thanks Linda, from Jean.

  2. 100 posts.!!! Well Linda you have left me way behind. however it gives me much more time to think of " My give-away' and get it/them sewn to perfection like yours are. Again many thanks, for gift, emails, blog assistance and all other. Friends in quilting are so special, and this year I have many, both new and old ones from many years ago. Cheers from Jean

  3. Congratulations to you Jean! Thanks for hosting Linda.


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