Friday, September 23, 2011

100 Posts Give away !!!

Yea, I’ve got this far! To celebrate I’d like to share a nice little Japanese treat with you.
The owl pictures came from a Japanese wrapping cloth. We have a native owl here in New Zealand. It is called Morepork (ruru).If you go here you can listen to its call which it is named after. The yellow flowers over the owls remind me of our spring flowering tree the Kowhia.

The blue fabrics are all Japanese indigos. Isn’t the one with the little turtles cute? The backing is fabric from a yukata robe I found in an opshop.
It was all hand stitched and when deconstructed yielded yards  of  13” wide fabric. If you ever spot one of those snap it up, good quality cotton at a great price. The quilt stitching is done with Sylko thread. Any of you remember that? I have quiet a collection of Sylko threads on wooden spools. I love that they have the colours named rather than just numbered. This thread is Scarlet. So much more exotic than just a number.
I save them for special little quilting jobs like this. 100% cotton with a lovely sheen.
Leave a comment and I’ll pop you in the draw to win these four fun mug rugs. I’ll be making the draw on Wednesday (NZ time). I will post anywhere in the world!Please feel free to mention my giveaway on your blog.
Thank you for your support and encouragement.

PS You too can make mug rugs like these – check out my tutorial.


  1. This is so comprehensive - well done!

    Love the first photo in particular.

  2. Beautiful mug rugs! I so love the Morepork. I'm a lover of birds. ;) Thanks for sharing! Thanks for the awesome giveaway too! :)

  3. Beatiful combination of fabrics and thread. Sylko threads are almost things of the past, I can remember sorting out my Mum's sewing things after she died, and there was a lot, I still have her original scissors she used, maybe way back in the 1940's.Who can remember those years? Love the mug rugs, Please enter me. Springtime here, our cherry blossom has just started, about 4 flowers so far, when the 13 trees up the drive are in full flower,they are so pretty.Our Kowhai has not flowered yet.Cheers from Jean

  4. Congratulations on 100 posts. I have never heard of that thread in the US. Where was it manufactured? The fabric in the postcard is very unique!

  5. Congratulations!! I am a new follower and would love a chance to enter your wonderful giveaway!
    Thanks :)
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  6. Beautiful work Linda. I'd love to be included in your generous giveaway. Congratulations on 100 posts - Isn't blogging so much fun!?

  7. Happy 100 posts Linda!

    I have been looking at Japanese fabric lately and wondering if I have the skill to make something lovely out of it. Im still wondering and thinking.....(I never make decisions quickly!)

  8. Great Website Linda. Congratulations on 100 Posts
    Look forward to seeing my quilt once you have quilted it.

  9. Linda~~love reading your blog, don't leave comments very often but for a free drawing, why not :)
    Maggie from Oregon

  10. Wow... another blog of quilter that I saw (and follow). I really want to start my own quilting project soon. Impressed and inspired by all of your works, and yours is one of it, Linda.
    Nice owl you have there, with the vibrant red-blue combination. It's just nice. The indigo blue piece also nice. Oooh... I love beautiful pieces of craft works.

  11. I'm afraid I've never even heard of Sylko threads... And I've never used yukata fabric for backing either though it makes a lot of sense!

  12. Gosh, I have never heard of a yukata robe. What an excellent Op shop find, all that lovely fabric. But I do know Sylkos - I have many, many spools of them. Please enter me in your Giveaway, the mug rugs look lovely.


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