Monday, August 29, 2011

Quilting beginnings

Recently I had several friends express an interest in learning to quilt. Ever the Quilting Ambassador of Taupo I invited them to our house  to learn a few tips and tricks. In 2008  I lead some Taupo Quiltmakers through a “Baby Steps” programme. This quilt is not large the blocks finish at 7”.


It features traditional piecing, applique and foundation piecing. I figure if you can make this quilt you can make any quilt.

So on Sunday we started:


After 1.5 hours we had produced this:


Yep, it just takes little baby steps to get there.


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  1. Wow, needle turn applique for a first lesson! When I taught Beginners back in the early nineties, we started on hexagons! Those were the days!


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