Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A new opportunity to shop

Ok I know you don’t really need one but just for you opshop lovers Hospice has opened a new shop in Taupo.
Today for a change Sweet peas met at the Coffee shop in Palmers Garden Centre, Totara Point, Taupo, it just happened that the new Hospice shop was opening across the road. Hmmmm did I  have a cunning plan arranging to meet there?  After nice coffee and nibbles Sweet Peas either went garden shopping or Opshopping. Some of us did both.
While we were having our social time we opened a parcel from Toni in Christchurch. Toni helped us get our Hearts for Christchurch quilts to our desired recipients. Then we thought Toni needed her own quilt, after all she had been through a bad time too. So we sent her this quilt:

You can read about this on Peggy’s blog.
Look at this parcel, too nice to open.
Oh and look inside, chocolate and Christchurch Press book about the quake.
parcel 2
Thank you Toni. Chocolates declared calorie free for today.
Now onto the op shop:
hospice 2
All prettied up for the grand opening
hospice 1
Lots of imaginative presentation inside:
hospice 3
My own personal purchases:
hospice 4
Lime green felt container for a DF who loves that colour.
A sweet Teddy to put on our War Memorial on September the 3rd to commemorate children subjected to Child Violence. This is in response to a request by Cherie Kurarangi Sweeney.
On a more cheerful note a Happy Hen to add to my collection.
Oh Happy Days

PS Still battling with paper but the worst is over.Smile


  1. Love all the photos - great capture of how the day went for us.

  2. I adore op shopping, It's one of my favourite things to do on my days off. Looks like you picked up some treasures (and had a wonderful day besides !)

  3. How wonderful - so nice to have a group together to do the quilts for Christchurch, *sigh* I wish I'd had similar support when I was co-ordinating them up here in Auckland.
    I LOVE opshoping!! !! !!
    Lovely Lovely blog

  4. I love op shopping. Must stop next time I'm passing through.


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