Friday, August 12, 2011


While we were at Aunty Grace’s house yesterday I snapped a couple of pictures of a wall hanging I made for Aunty Grace for her 9oth Birthday.
Peggy and I went to stay with Aunty Grace when we were wee girls.Her house was way out in the country at Kinakaku on a sheep and cattle farm. Aunty Grace, a sewer, had several huge jars of buttons. She kept us entertained for hours by having us sort through the buttons for sets. She then gave us a large threaded needle to thread sets of buttons together. We loved this play/work. When I made the wall hanging I added buttons of special significance to Aunty Grace. A school house because she was a teacher. Flowers for her lovely garden. A cow and a chicken, she had her own milking cow and of course kept chickens.An elephant because she had some lovely elephant ornaments which we thought were very exotic.
When I was working on this project I found that everyone has a button story. Some of them similar to mine.They only had to see the hanging and the cute wording on it and a button story would start to tumble out.
Do you have a button story you would like to share?

The pattern for this wall hanging was designed by Christine Brooks, a talented Australian.

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