Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A little bit of Japanese

Ever since my elder sister had a Japanese pen pal many many years ago I have been fascinated by Japanese art and style. I love the way Japanese styled fabric has entered into the quilting world. Today I am sharing a few Japanese pieces I have and treasure.
The wee purse was bought in Japan for me by my good friend Margaret. The tiny wee cat is padded, the cord has a small tinkling bell on it. The blue cat pranced into the op shop and I just had to adopt it. So cute, it is waving.The bag, I found at a garage sale. In a box of junk I spotted a crumpled something that looked a little Japanese. When I hauled it out it was all grotty and dirty but I realised it was a wee treasure.
It is all hand stitched, the cord is waxed so when you close the bag it stays closed. Check out the detail of the tiny we balls on the end of the cord. Inside the bag there are tiny hand stitched initials and a date. It makes me sad that someone would sell a special hand made treasure.
Never mind it has a loving home now.

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  1. The purse is pretty! I have always wanted to try quilting. I always visit quilt blogs and tutorials when I have free time at the office. Maybe I can try something smaller like your mug rugs first.

    Visiting and following from Creating Success Around the World blog hop. Thanks for linking and hope to see you there again next week!


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