Saturday, August 20, 2011

I finally got them!

The pictures I took at Sharon’s class.Here are just a few, click to get closer into the amazing quilting.This is just the centre of the quilt with 99 micro background fillers.

Centre 99 micro bgrounds

This is one of the beautiful lady quilts:


She paints the lady and her dress. The skirts looks like it is made of small quilt blocks but it is all painted. The flowers are appliqued. The skirt “flows” out of the bottom of the quilt. Sadly the gentlemen holding the quilts were not tall enough to hold the whole quilt up. These quilts are HUGE.

Finally this quilt which has black quilting on a white background. How daring is that? From a distance the areas with less stitch intensity look white and those with more look grey.


That is not a sashing between the different areas it is cording which looks like draw thread work on a piece of linen. You can actually see through the quilt. All very mind boggling.

Thanks for taking a look.



  1. Linda, you got the see the BIG Prizewinning quilt in the flesh - wow!I am green with envy!

  2.! My husband and I are both speechless!

    LaDonna (and Tony!)


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