Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Christmas past and still present


Remember when I tidied up and relocated my quilting books

Well I wrote to Kiwiquilters online and put up a list of books I was letting go. I received an email from Ruth in Germany expressing interest in one of the books. About 9 years ago I joined in a Kiwiquilters online Christmas swap. My swap partner was a Ruth from Germany. After comparing notes we realised we had been swap partners all those years ago.

When we swapped she sent me a lovely big pin cushion made of hexagons and triangles.

Ruth Pin cushion

I still use this pin cushion at my quilting frame. It is stuffed with cotton and is quite heavy, it sits nicely. Deep  enough to park all my quilt frame pins in, it keeps them nice and sharp and polished.

Nice to make contact after all these years.


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