Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let there be light

Today we have had the sparky in to add lights and power points to our garage/studio.


We have groovy strip lighting  that we can adjust to suit plus more down lights.Now we wont have to wear our miners light hats to sew. We also added an overhead power point so that we wont have cords lying on the floor.

Remember this?

Well after lots of this:


Three sacks of shredded paper!

I now have this:


How cool is that? Must remember new paper management system – if in doubt chuck it out!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Op shop temptation

Today I thought I was going to make it through an Op shop shift without making a purchase.

Then temptation struck. I just had to bring home this willow basket. Well it’s in such good order and such a nice shape. Who could resist? Of course I don’t have any baskets – well not more than twenty.


Seemed a shame for the basket to come home empty so look what just jumped into it:


At least I took more items to the Op shop than I bought home ………perhaps next week will be purchase free.

If you have a moment to spare and you love pansies please pop over  to Peggy’s blog – she’s having a nice little give away.


Quilting beginnings

Recently I had several friends express an interest in learning to quilt. Ever the Quilting Ambassador of Taupo I invited them to our house  to learn a few tips and tricks. In 2008  I lead some Taupo Quiltmakers through a “Baby Steps” programme. This quilt is not large the blocks finish at 7”.


It features traditional piecing, applique and foundation piecing. I figure if you can make this quilt you can make any quilt.

So on Sunday we started:


After 1.5 hours we had produced this:


Yep, it just takes little baby steps to get there.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Do you like my new banner?

I made this quilt just over a year ago for a class sample. I challenged myself to use Kaffe Fasset fabric. This is now one of my favourite quilts:


The quilt pattern can be found at Oh Fransson. I love the wavy edge. My quilt is called Kinky Kaffe.

Thanks for popping by



Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rescued from Trade Me


I saw an interesting box of quilting goodies for sale on Trade Me (NZ equivalent of E Bay). I delved deeper and found the assortment included 12 Wedding Ring Star blocks. Plus  the pattern, fabric etc. to finish a quilt.These blocks are hand pieced over paper and appliqued to the background. Imagine the hours of work to do just one block! I am loving these, what treasures.

wedding ring star

………and as well  the blocks an interesting  collection of patchwork templates and tools.

quilting tools

………but wait there’s more, lots of nice pieces of teddy,cat and celestial fabric.Something nice to share with the Sweet Peas.

TM cat fabric

TM Teds

TM celestial

How about that for a great buy?


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A new opportunity to shop

Ok I know you don’t really need one but just for you opshop lovers Hospice has opened a new shop in Taupo.
Today for a change Sweet peas met at the Coffee shop in Palmers Garden Centre, Totara Point, Taupo, it just happened that the new Hospice shop was opening across the road. Hmmmm did I  have a cunning plan arranging to meet there?  After nice coffee and nibbles Sweet Peas either went garden shopping or Opshopping. Some of us did both.
While we were having our social time we opened a parcel from Toni in Christchurch. Toni helped us get our Hearts for Christchurch quilts to our desired recipients. Then we thought Toni needed her own quilt, after all she had been through a bad time too. So we sent her this quilt:

You can read about this on Peggy’s blog.
Look at this parcel, too nice to open.
Oh and look inside, chocolate and Christchurch Press book about the quake.
parcel 2
Thank you Toni. Chocolates declared calorie free for today.
Now onto the op shop:
hospice 2
All prettied up for the grand opening
hospice 1
Lots of imaginative presentation inside:
hospice 3
My own personal purchases:
hospice 4
Lime green felt container for a DF who loves that colour.
A sweet Teddy to put on our War Memorial on September the 3rd to commemorate children subjected to Child Violence. This is in response to a request by Cherie Kurarangi Sweeney.
On a more cheerful note a Happy Hen to add to my collection.
Oh Happy Days

PS Still battling with paper but the worst is over.Smile

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why did I do it?

Today I was feeling full of get up and go. I decided to tackle a long delayed job. Sorting out lots of paper and setting up a new filing system.
I’ll check back in when I look a bit less like this:


Christmas past and still present


Remember when I tidied up and relocated my quilting books

Well I wrote to Kiwiquilters online and put up a list of books I was letting go. I received an email from Ruth in Germany expressing interest in one of the books. About 9 years ago I joined in a Kiwiquilters online Christmas swap. My swap partner was a Ruth from Germany. After comparing notes we realised we had been swap partners all those years ago.

When we swapped she sent me a lovely big pin cushion made of hexagons and triangles.

Ruth Pin cushion

I still use this pin cushion at my quilting frame. It is stuffed with cotton and is quite heavy, it sits nicely. Deep  enough to park all my quilt frame pins in, it keeps them nice and sharp and polished.

Nice to make contact after all these years.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Kaiser Kat Kwilts

……………..well almost!

My DF Margaret called around today. She had the makings of a new HUGE quilt she is sewing for her bed. No sooner had she put this piece on our design floor than Kaiser arrived.

Kaiser Kat Kwilts 2

This is only  one third of the quilt!

It’s going to be nearly as big as Texas!

Kaiser Kat Kwilts

This feature fabric is just divine – well purple/yellow you just cant go wrong!

Please admire Margaret’s colour wash braid. Isn’t it just too clever? There’s more to come. I’ll see if I can get more pictures as she progresses.

BTW we took out three fur persons to be micro chipped today. Kaiser looks totally stressed out doesn’t he?

Thanks for popping by.


Goodwill Grans


I found this little treasure at our local Hospice Opshop. It’s about the size of a pillow case, all hand pieced

Goodwill grans before

I had to bring that home didn’t I?

A little bit of crosshatching on my trusty Pfaff and this is what it looks like now.

Goodwill Grans after

Perfect sized wee quilt to pop on top of my foot stool.

I guess by now you will have figured I have a bit of a love affair going with hexagons. Probably because I know from my own feeble attempts that they absorb a lot of stitching time.They speak to me of the past.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Butterflies abound

I have just finished a huge modern style quilt which has been made for a 2 year old. I guess she must be going straight from a cot into a double sized bed! Anyway Mum selected modern fabric patch worked in the modern style with large squares of fabric. Miss 2 year old did however specify that she wanted Butterflies. So Butterflies she got:


…….and swirls and loop de loops.

I am all butterflied out!!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

I finally got them!

The pictures I took at Sharon’s class.Here are just a few, click to get closer into the amazing quilting.This is just the centre of the quilt with 99 micro background fillers.

Centre 99 micro bgrounds

This is one of the beautiful lady quilts:


She paints the lady and her dress. The skirts looks like it is made of small quilt blocks but it is all painted. The flowers are appliqued. The skirt “flows” out of the bottom of the quilt. Sadly the gentlemen holding the quilts were not tall enough to hold the whole quilt up. These quilts are HUGE.

Finally this quilt which has black quilting on a white background. How daring is that? From a distance the areas with less stitch intensity look white and those with more look grey.


That is not a sashing between the different areas it is cording which looks like draw thread work on a piece of linen. You can actually see through the quilt. All very mind boggling.

Thanks for taking a look.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Do cats have colour sense?

I have often heard that cats see only black/white/grey, there are some other theories as well. Google the question and you’ll get lots of answers. Science aside I am convinced cats have colour sense as they seem to have an uncanny knack of selecting a background to pose on (yep, I’m sure they pose) that matches their coats. Look at our Cici:


Now don’t tell me she doesn’t know her  orange tones go with the purple/mauve quilt.

What a star!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

I’m back

Hi di hi

I’m back. Did you miss me? Do you want to know where I’ve been? Well I went  to Omokoroa in the Beautiful Bay of Plenty .

to this glorious location for a lecture and trunk show on Tuesday night and a class yesterday with Sharon Schamber. What an amazing lady!

Have a poke around in her gallery. She had the two beautiful lady quilts with her. We were allowed to go right up to her quilts and TOUCH them!! Some of them are valued at US$80,000.She spends at least  1000 hours on each quilt. She takes 1 hour to micro fill 9 square inches!! Not a level of quilting I aspire too but never the less very inspiring.I have linked you to her site because the pictures I took appear to have gone missing between my camera and my computer!

It’s lovely to be home.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Cool Cat


Cool cat

Yes it’s been snowing here today. This time it’s a proper snow fall. I did resist rushing out and popping a quilt over this poor fellow.

The garden guard cat never faltered in his duty:

Pukekos and cat guard garden

I think the Pukekoes would have been very happy to move onto a warmer location!

Just a one more picture, remember folks this is a novelty for me.

The Rose Garden

Rose Garden

We’re ‘sposed to get more snow tomorrow. Promise I wont post too many more pictures.


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