Monday, July 04, 2011

Star Spangled Banner

Just about 5 years ago I was lucky enough to visit The United States of America. What a wonderful time I had. My sister Peggy and I spent 2 days on a bus tour with fellow quilters. We toured around the Dallas area and took in 12 Quilt shops. The hospitality of the QS was amazing. Every shop had little give a ways and lots of yummy food for us. I was able to observe quilters POWER shopping. I have never seen anything like it. They came out of shop after shop with large bags of goodies. We were disadvantaged as we had to think about how we would get our purchases home. Several shops we visited were located in old houses. Not an inch of space was wasted ,pop over to Peggy’s blog to check out the Quilt a Loo.

Anyway what I set out to tell you was I loved the American enthusiasm for all things Red, White and Blue. I loved their heart on sleeve Patriotism. I loved their flag waving. I had never fancied a quilt in this colour combo but after visiting a local quilt guild and seeing a show and tell of Patriotic quilts I came home with a good selection of RWB fabric.

I was lucky enough to join a Row by Row sewing circle through Kiwi Quilters on line. I sent off my RWB fabric and got these rows back:


Gosh nearly five years, I better get this together!

Happy 4th of July.




  1. Gosh, those are too pretty! You have definitely got to finish that!


  2. Beautiful post. Gorgeous quilt!


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