Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh happy days

What a happy day we have had today. Our small in house quilting group (Sweet Peas) met today.Two of them received their Birthday packs. The Birthday girl gets a Fat Quarter from each member in the colour of her choice. Today we had one with soft  muted colours and the other with brights.They were both thrilled with their collections.
Now let me show you some of their work:
Debbie made another one of her fantastic bags for Andreena.
Trish had 2 items, this eye popping Black,White & Red quilt (sorry colour not too good) -
and this top which she just whipped up when she found a bag of 6.5” squares in her stash -
Finally a “stained glass” glimpse of yet another heart quilt for Christchurch.
It’s been a super day – not too much sewing but lots of chatter, laughter and eating! Not only do our ladies sew but they cook yummy food as well.
Hope your day has been great too.

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  1. I envy people who have a regular crafting group. I have to get my kicks from hanging with all my crafty blog buddies which is fabulous, but never quite the same as doing it in the flesh.

    Glad you had a fabulous day!


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