Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is it Spring Fever?

When we moved into this house I put my quilting books in a very silly location. Silly because

a. I put them on the shelf behind Glynn’s big chair and

b. I put them on the bottom shelf.

So to look at my books I had to sidle in behind his chair and kneel down on the floor. Not a pretty sight.

Yesterday I hauled them out and put other books in that space. Then I adjusted three shelves  higher up and easier to access in the next book case for my books.


I was on a roll and didn’t stop there. I got all my quilting magazines together and had a good sort and throw out session. Now my magazines are looking tidier too.

I have also culled my quilting books. I guess I’ll be putting the spares up on Trade Me. I’ll be looking for more books, after all I have all that space to fill!


It feels real good to have this done. I wonder if I’ll be this good when spring does get here?

Thanks for popping by.



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