Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hot and spicy

Hi di hi
Did you wonder where I had gone? Nothing to worry about – just a tad busy on the home front.
One of the many advantages of living in an extended family situation is the sharing of household duties. This means that sometimes I have cooking free days and then I cook and Peggy has cooking free days.
It’s a ghastly wet dreary day here. My turn to cook so I made Hot and Spicy Turkey with vegetables served on rice.
Yum yum.Do you want to know what my secret ingredient is? Here you go:
This curry paste is very rich and quiet hot. The Pantry Shop team roast and grind 16 different spices then cook them in oil and vinegar to make this tasty curry paste.No affiliation to the Pantry Shop – just love their products. An added bonus this product comes in the most dinky little pot bellied jar. A must save for craft storage.


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm looks delicious. I love this idea of cooking free nights but they dont seem to work so well at Maison Pyjamas.

    It's Mr. P's turn to cook tonight so he decided eggs on toast were in order. I declined. How come on the nights I cook we have roast beef and on his nights it's takeaway and breakfast?

  2. I used to know a family where the husband had responsibility once a week for the evening family meal.

    Amazingly it was always home delivery pizza.

    As Linda's sister I do enjoy our shared cooking responsibilities. It works well for both of us.

    Even better, today is our joint take out day and we are having fish and chips - no cooking for either of us!

  3. Yipee, no cooking for both of us. Let the fabric play commence!


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