Friday, June 10, 2011

So near but so far away

We have 3 cats at our house. First we had Kaiser and Koko. They are both Burmese cats.Kaiser is a chocolate silver tabby. Koko is a seal. They are both 12 years old – the senior citizens around here.Koko came to us first and Kaiser arrived 4 weeks later. I don’t think she ever forgave us, she’s such a little princess
Koko and Kaiser snuggles
Kaiser is our resident clown I could take a funny, cute photo of him every day. I don’t know why but he always turns up when I am putting binding on a quilt. He so wants to help with this job.
Kaiser helps bind Dylans quilt 1
Koko as I have already mentioned is our little princess. Petite and elegant. When she has been sleeping she carefully stretches before she moves off, like a ballerina. She has a knack for creating perfect photo opportunities.
Then there’s Cici. When we moved to this house Cici was living wild around here. Slowly she started to sneak in and eat some of Kaiser and Koko’s food. Then we started to feed her. She was very cautious and timid. After about 6 months we decided we would like to offer her a real home. Off too the vet she went for a health check. She passed with flying colours. Now a year later she is just about at ease with us. She still doesn’t really like to be picked up but when we do she is very snuggly and purrs away. She must have had some very bad treatment somewhere in her past. She has a beautiful tortishell coloured plush feeling coat. We are making progress with her but………………….
been ignored by a cat
Koko and Kaiser are still not keen on her. If it was just Kaiser I think they would be firm pals by now but Koko is still not pleased. Hence my heading for this post. I snapped this picture of them on the couch last night.
You do all know that cats must be tucked up in  quilts don’t you?
Thanks for popping by.

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