Monday, June 06, 2011

Mug Rug Tutorial

Here it is at last!
WARNING!! These rugs are like potato chips – one is not enough.
Fabric requirements:
6 ½ ″ by 9 ½ ″ piece of batting – I like cotton because the fabric you work with clings to it.
7″ by 10″ piece of backing fabric
Bits and pieces of fabric to make your top
Small amount of fusible webbing at least 4″ by 2 ½″ .
Place your first piece of fabric on your backing
Place a ruler on top and make a rough measurement of the pieces you will join on.In this case I decided I needed a 2” strip top and bottom of my bird.
Place strips right side to right side on top of the feature fabric
Stitch and flip, then decide what to add next. I measured to the left and decided  100_FUJI0004
to stitch on a 2” strip.Carry on stitching and flipping until you cover the batting.
It’s time to play. Add any embellishments or quilting that you like. Perhaps some modern quilting straight lines ¼ ″ apart across the whole rug or go mad and practise some free motion quilting. This small item is a perfect skill builder. If you have added lots of strips like my Kaffe rug you may not feel the need to add any quilting. I didn’t add any quilting to this rug.
Don’t fuss about the edges looking too tidy – here’s the next sneaky tip:
Flip rug over and trim excess fabric off in line with the batting.
Now that’s beginning to look smart isn’t it?
Now pop you rug on top of the backing and trim backing to same size as top.
Take your top to the cutting board and trim/tidy the edges. Lay the top on top of the backing and trim the backing to match the top.
Now for the trick bit
Cut a slit in the backing say about 3″ long and in at least an inch from the edge.
Put the backing and mug rug top right sides together and sew a ¼ ″ seam all the way round.
Trim corners and turn out through slot.
Cut length of fusible webbing the length of the slit plus 1″ and at least ½ ″ wide.
Fuse this to a piece of fabric – either to match the backing or to continue your front colour scheme. Trim to the edge of the fusible webbing, remove the backing and fuse to back of mat to cover slit.
This is another place to have fun. I made a rug with circles on the front so I sealed the slit with a circle of fabric.
Optional extra – top stitch ¼ ″ from edge around mug to give the illusion of binding.
There you go – finished. How easy was that?




  1. Well done, and very much worth while waiting for.

  2. Found your tute at Totally Tutorials and am so glad I did! I can't wait to try this. I've been wanting to make MugRugs for a while. Yours is inspiring me to give it a try! Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday! ☺

  3. This looks so easy, I'm going to a retreat and would love to make these when I need a no brainer.
    I am sure others will want to learn how to do these.
    Thanks so much for your tutorial!

  4. Hello Anonymous
    Thank you for you kind comment. I am going to a retreat in October and you've given me an idea. I think I'll take a load of small projects like this with me. As you say a relaxing no brainer. I'm also thinking tissue holders and IPad covers.

  5. woo hoo thanks for the link to the tute Linda. I like your method for flipping! Will have to give it a go. :)

  6. I am definitely enjoying your website. You definitely have some great insight and great stories. neutral rug


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