Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Vintage quilt

Don’t you just love the patina old quilts develop? This is the first vintage quilt that I found in an Op (thrift) shop.

A sneaky peek inside revealed that it was once chocolate brown and orange. How 1970s is that? The chocolate has faded to a soft brown/pink and the orange to a lovely soft yellow. Six blocks by five this is quite a substantial sized quilt. All beautifully hand quilted.

The edges are finished by turning to the back. Reminds me of the first quilt I made 30 mumble years ago. Back then I couldn’t find any information about how to finish a quilt so I decided that was the answer.

I just love old quilts. Can’t resist them, if I see a lonely old quilt I just want to bring it home. I’ll be showing you more of my rescued treasures as time goes by.

1 comment:

  1. E' molto carina la tua trapunta!
    Ciao dall'Italia


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