Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Share, show and tell

My good friend Debbie popped around yesterday to show me her latest:
This is a construction machinery  themed quilt – all the applique is hand stitched. Debbie machine quilted it. Isn’t it stunning? She’s so clever.

Debbie plays great attention to detail when designing her blocks. BTW she will be popping this up on Trade Me.
She’s also been working on a green and pink quilt based on Judy Hoowarth’s Scrap Sensations technique. I helped her to baste this one together ready for quilting.

My camera has been playing coy, it doesn’t want to share pictures with my laptop. Grrrrrrrrrrr so Rug Mug tut will follow when I can get that sorted


  1. Debbie is so talented. Love the construction quilt but what about the pink and green one. What lovely playing with colours with such great effect. Love to see it when I come home.

  2. Lovely to see the bright colours. looking forward to more posts on your new blog.Cheers from Jean


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